Hello, I'm Caleb

I’m a UX Designer with over 5 years of Graphic Design experience. My greatest strength is the ability to adapt to new challenges and get a job done no matter what. As a native Virginian, I enjoy hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Much of my inspiration is drawn from experiences with my wife and two-year-old daughter who has made sure to keep me on my toes! I’m a dog person, and I have strong opinions on coffee, Star Wars, and how I like my steak.

A project that spanned several months to test the user flow and general usability of the CaseWorthy website. The project included: planning, usability testing, user interviews, affinity mapping, presenting changes for approval, and measuring the results of the changes made.
UX Case Study
Do You Weekend?
A four-week project with a team of designers tasked with pushing a website prototype to the final version before development. My tasks included research, planning, presenting to stakeholders, wireframes, user testing, and high-fi designs.
UX Case Study
A nutrition app to inspire the unmotivated
My Springboard capstone project that took place over several months. I was the only designer for this project and I did everything from research, personas, journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, testing, and high-fi mockups.
UX Case Study
Post Up Case Study
A modified version of the GV Sprint. This project took place over the course of one week, with the goal of creating a prototype that could be tested immediately. My tasks included ideation, mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.
UX Case Study
Though I have been thinking like a UX designer for years, this was my first true dive into UX practices. This project took place over the course of four weeks, and included learning best practices, research, sketching, wireframing, high-fi mockups, and testing.
UX Case Study
Thetford Meeting
One of my largest design projects to date. These assets were created for a large meeting of executives. I created all the brand assets including brochures, menus, nameplates, and thank-you cards.
Graphic Design
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