This is a special project for me because it marks my first leap into the world of UX. This project represents the culmination of the intro to design course from Springboard. Along the way, I learned a ton about UX design, and how I fit into the process. I worked from a given prompt, in this case “How can I make a better experience for music streaming apps.” In my case, the solution I came up with was a modular system that allows users to reorder sections of the app for what’s important to them.
The Problem
I chose to focus on one particular problem I had with music streaming services. Unlike most users, I prefer to sort my music by album. Most apps have this ability, but it takes too many clicks to get there.
To find a better way to navigate music streaming apps for people that prefer to sort in unconventional ways. 
With my goals in mind, I began with competitive research. I spent several hours getting familiar with several of the top music streaming apps. This gave me a great baseline for industry standards and methods that I could build on.
Ideation & Sketching
For me, this was the fun part. I love spending time with a pencil and paper letting my ideas flow onto the page. The process was familiar because of my experience in Graphic Design.
Learning Figma
Up until this point, I had never actually used Figma. Thankfully, I am not only proficient in adobes programs, but I’m also comfortable teaching myself new things. Jumping into Figma came naturally and I was able to take off with it right away. 
Check out this short video of me re-creating a popular app's home screen. 
Before moving on to a more finalized mockup, it was important to create early versions of the app to see how it might work. This was like laying the foundation for the app since after this part was complete, the only thinking left was nailing down the visuals.
Final Mockups
At the end of this process, I learned a lot about how UX design works. And this was just the beginning. I was about to use this as the starting point to jump even further into UX design.

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